You’ve undoubtedly heard about athletes who use Cryotherapy – in fact, we’ve briefly mentioned some of them in the past. But what may surprise you is the broad range of athletes that use it, and their professional caliber. Cryotherapy has found fans in almost every sport you can imagine, and at the highest levels, including among Olympic and major-league stars. That alone makes it worth taking a closer look at Cryotherapy’s benefits.

Michael Phelps taking full body Cryotherapy

Athletes have solid reasons for using cryotherapy. To start with, it does many of the same things as traditional sport treatments. These include reducing inflammation, helping manage pain, and speeding recovery time. But it also offers advantages of its own, or comes with fewer side effects and disadvantages.

Runners are some of the most obvious candidates for cryotherapy treatments. Their muscles need to be in optimal condition – when races are decided by fractions of a second, even a minor pain or strain can be the difference between winning and losing. And this holds true in running of every type, from sprinting to middle distance to marathons. One of the most famous cryotherapy users is retired eight-time Olympic gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt. Others include Galen Rupp, who won medals in 10,000-meter and marathon races, and famed marathon coach Alberto Salazar.

women taking full body cryo

Players in fast-moving team sports also have much to gain from cryotherapy. Not only are they exerting maximum effort, they’re also rapidly changing direction almost continuously throughout the game. So it’s unsurprising that players on basketball teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers have used cryotherapy to deal with their aches and strains. So have top soccer stars, including Cristiano Renaldo, who bought his own cryotherapy chamber.

Football players have an additional set of issues to deal with. Not only are they putting out intense, explosive effort, they also have injuries caused by contact. These range from joint damage to bruises. Pittsburg Steelers and Denver Broncos players are among those who are known to have used cryotherapy to cope with the effects of their game, including some Broncos players who have come to Ozone Cryotherapy for treatments.

Baseball players also have a unique set of concerns. They have the usual muscle and joint strains from moving, and changing speed and direction, rapidly – how many runners have you seen pulling up lame on the way to first base? They also have specific issues surrounding their throwing arms. Images of elbows immersed in an ice bath have been part of the game since the start. The new image is an arm undergoing local cryotherapy. Former Texas Rangers All-Star pitcher C.J. Wilson is one of the treatment’s devotees.

Although it’s not a sport, dancing makes very sports-like demands on the body. So it’s no surprise that contestants in the famous “Dancing With The Stars” program have been known to use cryotherapy to deal with the effects of intense activity of a type they are not used to.

The main thing to keep in mind is that exercise-induced aches and pains like these aren’t confined to professional athletes. Every one of them is also something an ordinary person who works out can suffer. In fact, non-professional athletes may actually be at greater risk, because they don’t have professional trainers to tell them what to do or not do. So no matter how you get your exercise, it’s worth considering scheduling regular cryotherapy sessions to help head off or deal with problems. You can book a session at Ozone Cryotherapy here.