There are a lot of good reasons to use cryotherapy. Professional athletes use it to deal with aches and pains. People with skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea look to cryotherapy for relief. Suffers of body conditions like joint problems or arthritis also find it beneficial. But what if you’re not facing such clear-cut problems? The reality is, cryotherapy can still make you feel better, or perhaps even happier.

One way it does so is by increasing metabolism and improving circulation. When you’re in the cryotherapy chamber, the temporary exposure to extreme cold makes your body think it’s in danger. Blood rushes to the core to protect vital organs. When the session ends, the blood pumps out to the rest of the body. Although reports indicating that cryotherapy burns some 800 calories in three minutes remain unproven, at the very least it results in a feeling of invigoration and generally better health. That’s a happy outcome for anyone.

A second way cryotherapy helps is by getting rid of fat and cellulite. The increased metabolism resulting from a session helps burn fat, which is useful because some kinds of fat resist even intense exercise. Once the body reaches a plateau, it won’t burn that last stubborn bit of fat. The shock of increasing metabolism helps get over that plateau. And it’s the rare person who doesn’t become happier when weight-loss efforts finally bring the hoped-for results.

A related benefit is that Cryotherapy has been show to increase the production of collagen, the substance that gives skin its strength and elasticity. When skin is less elastic, since collagen production decreases with age, the boost provided by cryotherapy can help give skin smoother, tighter and more even skin tone. This in turn results in a younger appearance. And who wouldn’t be happy when that happens?

A fourth benefit is improved sleep and decreased insomnia. Cryotherapy releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals in the body that decrease pain, and improve mood and relaxation. Also known as “feel-good” chemicals, fatigue and stress decreases their levels in the body. This makes it harder to sleep even when tired, which exacerbates fatigue even more. So as the increase of endorphins resulting from cryotherapy improves sleep and decreases insomnia, the person who is sleeping better will automatically feel better.

The bottom line: don’t just think of cryotherapy when you have a problem. The cold treatments have lots of benefits that can improve your everyday life. Added up, these benefits significantly improve your chances of happiness. And the benefits will be greatest if the treatments continue at regular intervals. Don’t hesitate to book a series of sessions at Ozone Cryotherapy today.