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Everyday Benefits of Cryotherapy

There are a lot of good reasons to use cryotherapy. Professional athletes use it to deal with aches and pains. People with skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea look to cryotherapy for relief. Suffers of body conditions like joint problems or arthritis also...

Cryotherapy for Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosacea

It's no fun to have skin conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosacea. These unpleasant ailments come with symptoms such as redness, rashes, itching and scaling of the skin. Although it may be hard for the average person to tell the difference between them just from...

Cryotherapy to Minimize the Effects of Aging

Aging is a natural process, but we still want to delay its effects as long as possible. There are lots of well-known methods to slow the process down, and new ones are being uncovered all the time. One method that's getting increasing attention is cryotherapy, which...

How Can Cryotherapy Help You Lose Weight?

You might wonder how extreme cold can have anything to do with weight loss. After all, you've been hearing for years that the only real way to lose weight is to exercise more, and eat less (and/or eat better). That's been great for gyms, and stores that sell wholesome...

Cryotherapy: Benefits for Arthritis treatment

No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, aches and pains can be very common. Sometimes these are troublesome enough to hinder your lifestyle and activities. Arthritis is one of the more common causes of decreasing activity, due to the inflammation of joints causing...

Cryotherapy: Fatigue and Insomnia

There are a number of possible causes for fatigue, which brings feelings of exhaustion and lethargy. These causes include medical issues, unhealthy lifestyles and stress. Common remedies for this condition range from exercise to supplements. One option that is gaining...

Cryotherapy: Skin Rejuvenation with Cryotherapy

There are a lot of treatments, both natural and conventional, available for skin rejuvenation. One that may not have occurred to you is Whole Body Cryotherapy, or WBC. But this safe, non-invasive therapy has numerous benefits. In particular, it boosts the immune...


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