You might wonder how extreme cold can have anything to do with weight loss. After all, you’ve been hearing for years that the only real way to lose weight is to exercise more, and eat less (and/or eat better). That’s been great for gyms, and stores that sell wholesome food. Perhaps you’ve also heard about the weight-loss benefits of everything from diet pills to miracle supplements, which may or may not work and might even be dangerous. But you may not have heard much about how Cryotherapy can enhance the effects of diet and exercise.

One way Cryotherapy can help your weight loss efforts is by increasing metabolism. When your body starts feeling cold in the super-cooled Cryotherapy chamber, it naturally tries to warm up. This causes your metabolism rate to increase: that is, it causes your body to burn calories faster. And if you keep the same level of calorie intake in your diet, burning more calories by definition will cause you to lose weight.

Cryotherapy also increases your energy level in general, which is more good news when you’re trying to lose weight. The brief exposure to extreme cold causes your body to boost blood circulation – it’s a natural response aimed at regulating body temperature. The result is that your heart pumps more blood throughout your body. This has an invigorating effect: just ask anyone who has jumped into a cold pool or ocean. You naturally feel more energetic, which makes the prospect of exercising more inviting. It’s a great way to increase your motivation to work out.

Cryotherapy also helps after you’ve finished working out. Cold is a well-known treatment for the aches and pains caused by exercise, reducing muscle pain and inflammation. The traditional cooling method is immersing the sore limb in an ice bath. But this obviously has some uncomfortable side effects, such as chilling your overall body temperature. It also takes a lot of time. Cryotherapy offers similar benefits without these disadvantages. It’s quicker, and affects only the relevant parts of your body rather than chilling your core. All of this means that, by relying on Cryotherapy after a workout, you’ll be less reluctant to exercise to start with.

Cryotherapy also helps your muscles recover and rebuild more quickly. That means you can get back to working out sooner, and with less feeling of weakness. You’ll feel better, so you’ll may find yourself running or biking further, or doing more repetitions. This additional exercise will again automatically help you lose weight. And with reduced weight, of course, exercise will be easier on your joints.

All in all, it makes a lot of sense to book a Cryotherapy session right away. What do you have to lose, but weight? Click here to schedule an appointment at Ozone Cryotherapy in downtown Sunnyvale.