Aging is a natural process, but we still want to delay its effects as long as possible. There are lots of well-known methods to slow the process down, and new ones are being uncovered all the time. One method that’s getting increasing attention is cryotherapy, which offers several possible ways to reduce the impact of aging.

It’s always good to start from a solid foundation of basics. One that everyone knows about is exercise: the healthier and stronger you are, the less aged you look and feel. Also obvious is eating healthy: we’ve all seen how even young people who eat junk food can have the physical appearance and condition of people decades older. Similarly, taking care of your skin can keep the years from showing. In particular, avoiding over-exposure to the sun can keep a person looking younger than their years. There is less than universal agreement on another method that is nonetheless widely used: the use of vitamins and supplements.

The anti-aging benefits of cryotherapy fall into two main categories. One is internal – that is, how it helps overall body health. The other is external – its effect on the skin. Both types of benefits are substantial, and luckily, your cryotherapy session can give you both at once.

The internal benefits have to do with things like metabolism. The super-cooling effects of Cryotherapy cause your body to react in several ways that we have covered in other posts. Summarized, these include improved circulation, increased metabolism and a feeling of invigoration. The results include the ability to burn calories faster, which helps you avoid the weight gain and other sorts of physical deterioration that are common effects of aging. A related benefit is the reduction of cellulite.

The external effects of Cryotherapy improve the skin in several ways. For example, it reduces the toxins that aggravate skin blemishes. More broadly, it enhances the natural process of cellular regeneration, which helps reduce or delay the appearance of wrinkles. It also improves production of collagen, the protein that gives skin a younger appearance by increasing its strength and elasticity. And finally, it helps fight inflammation, an underlying cause of many skin ailments.

In short, the battle against aging takes place on several fronts. The more weapons you bring to the battle, the better. So it makes a lot of sense to add Cryotherapy treatments to your arsenal. To get started, book a session at Ozone Cryotherapy today.