There are a number of possible causes for fatigue, which brings feelings of exhaustion and lethargy. These causes include medical issues, unhealthy lifestyles and stress. Common remedies for this condition range from exercise to supplements.

One option that is gaining increasing attention is Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), which submerges you in a tank or chamber with super-low temperatures for two to three minutes at a time. While this technique has been popular in countries such as Japan for some time, has recently gained increasingly attention in the United States, where it is bringing a variety of health benefits.

But how can Whole Body Cryotherapy specifically help cure your chronic fatigue? The key is that when you enter the chamber, the freezing temperature shocks your body, which triggers the temperature receptors in your body to send signals to your brain. Your brain responds by then sending messages throughout your body to increase blood circulation. This causes blood to be withdrawn from your core in order to regulate body temperature. Thus when you exit the chamber, blood is already being pumped vigorously throughout your entire body. This boosts your oxygen supply and gives you more energy. The effect is similar to how you feel when you splash your face with cold water in the middle of a tiring day to overcome a worn-down, sluggish feeling.

At the other end of the scale, Cryotherapy can also be used to help treat insomnia – the habitual inability to sleep. Many try to combat this condition with medication which, unfortunately, can cause unwanted side effects including sleepwalking. Cryotherapy offers a healthy and natural alternative treatment by creating psychological harmony and increased muscle metabolism, which can help circumvent irregular sleep behavior. Click here to Schedule an Appointment with Ozone Cryotherapy. We are located in Downtown Sunnyvale, the heart of Silicon Valley.

Fatigue and Insomnia